Expansion Kit Components

The Expansion Kit provides a number of useful accessories, including the
ability to drive external analog meters. Some of the items are shown below.
See the
Assembly Manual for a complete list of Expansion Kit items.


Pre-Programmed 32KB EEPROM

This chip is required to drive the External 7-Segment modules, the External Bar Graph module, and the External
Panel Meters. Use this chip in place of the standard 16 KB EEProm that is supplied with the base Controller Board.

1.5 inch high 7-Segment
External Hi-Visibility Module (1)

 The external 7-segment display (7-segment  module 5)
 is configured using the Standard 7-Segment Menu.

40 Segment External
Hi-Visibility Bar Graph Module (1)

The External Bar Graph is configured using the Standard Bar Graph Menu.


IDC Cable Assemblies (2)

Connects the above External Display Modules to the MB-1 Rear Panel IDC connectors.


7-Segment Green LEDs (16)

(Kit version only)

Use these LEDs in place of Blue LEDs.
Included in  Kit version only. Pre-assembled
 units are shipped with blue 7-segment LEDs
The 7-Segment LEDs are mounted in 40 pin sockets for easy replacement.


RCA Blanks (2) 

Plug these into the rear panel +5V Auxiliary power
jacks to prevent  unintentional connections to these jacks.


Trim Pot Adjustment Tool