The Multi-Coupler Display feature allows you to
display measurements from 4 couplers simultaneously!


With version 2.0 firmware, with the push of a button, you can toggle MB-1 between its single coupler mode and the new Multi-Coupler Display mode. With the  Multi-Coupler mode, you can display any combination of four RF power couplers, RF ammeters, or Analog sensors simultaneously. The results are displayed on MB-1's four 7-segment LED modules. The four 7-segment modules (D1 - D4) display the results from the four coupler ports (1-4) respectively. If a coupler port is not calibrated, the corresponding 7-segment display module is blanked.


Single Coupler Operation:

The picture below shows MB-1 in single coupler mode. The coupler menu, shown on line 4 of the LCD, has been enhanced in version 2 firmware to include a fourth field that allows you to toggle MB-1 between its single coupler mode and Multi-Coupler Display mode.


Multi-Coupler Operation:

The picture below shows the Multi-Coupler Display mode. MB-1 is connected to four sensors: three RF power couplers and one temperature sensor. The four 7-segment modules are displaying the following values:

D1 -Output of Mark V Transceiver (which is being fed into Linear):  84.03 w
- Output of Linear Amplifier:  791.0w
- Output of FT-102 Transceiver:  161.6w
- Output of Temperature Sensor, which is measuring the Linear Amplifier's exhaust temperature:  127.2 degrees F

For this shot, the Alpha meter is also placed at the output of the Linear Amplifier, and is measuring the same power as coupler 2, which is being displayed on MB-1's D2 display module (top right).

When in the Multi-Coupler mode, MB-1 displays power in the TUNE mode (instantaneous power). The Bar Graph and Analog Meter are disabled when the Multi-Coupler mode is active.


New Menu for Multi-Coupler Operation:

The two menu shots shown below explain how to toggle MB-1 between its single coupler mode and multi-coupler mode.

As mentioned above, the coupler mode is displayed in the fourth field of the Coupler menu (line 4 of the LCD below).  This field is set to an S when MB-1 is in single coupler mode, and is set to an A when in Multi-Coupler mode (mnemonic, A = ALL).


Single Coupler Operation



Multi-Coupler Operation


When in the Multi-Coupler mode, all MB-1 buttons are locked out except for button M4. To exit the Multi-Coupler mode, simply press M4. MB-1 will then return to single coupler operation, and will select the coupler that was active when the meter was placed into Multi-Coupler mode.


External Display Operation when in Multi-Coupler Mode

The External 7-segment Display may be used with the Multi-Coupler mode. If external module 1 (D5) is set to display "TUNE" power, the external module will display the coupler 1 data, as shown above (44.64w) in this example.


A beta version of the Multi-Coupler Mode feature can be installed by downloading V2.00 of the firmware. See Downloads page.