To install Firmware Upgrades and to run the EEPROM Backup, Restore, and OEM Coupler Update Utilities, you must install TeraTerm on your PC. TeraTerm is a Terminal Emulator that also supports a macro language.  The macro language is used in the bootloader  and the EEPROM backup and restore utilities that run on the PC.

To download the files below, right click the link and select "Save Target As".

Make sure you download this version of TeraTerm for use with MB-1:

TeraTerm 4.64

Copyright (c) T.Teranishi.
Copyright (c) TeraTerm Project.
All rights reserved.


MB-1 EEPROM Backup/Restore Utilities

MB-1 OEM Coupler Table Update Utility

Coupler Evaluation Utility (Requires MS Excel)
See the Evaluating Couplers  page for a description of this utility.



MB-1 Firmware Upgrade Procedure

The MB-1 utilities are implemented using TeraTerm macros.  MB-1 software is upgraded by downloading a zip file, unzipping it into an empty directory, and then executing the TeraTerm macro included in the zip archive. The TeraTerm macro coordinates the handshaking between the MB-1 bootloader and the PC to install the new firmware.

When installing TeraTerm on your PC, during the setup on the Select Components dialog, unselect all of the optional install components. The only items that will be left are the grayed out TeraTerm and Macro choices on the top, which you cannot unselect.

Once installed, run TeraTerm and configure it as shown below:

Menu: Control -> Serial port

  • Settings:
  • Port: COM1 (may be different for your machine)
  • Baud rate: 115200
  • Data: 8 bit
  • Parity: none
  • Stop: 1 bit
  • Flow control: none
  • Transmit delay: char: 0,  line: 0

All of the above items except the Baud Rate (and possibly the COM port) should already be set to the values shown above.

Detailed Steps for upgrading MB-1 Software:

  1. Download the firmware upgrade zip file and unzip it in an empty folder. The zip file contains two files:
    • mb1.ttl - TeraTerm macro to upgrade Firmware
    • mb1.hex - binary file
  2. Connect the serial port cable from your PC to the DB-9 connector on the rear of MB-1.
  3. Power off MB-1.Then turn power back on while holding in Menu Button 1 (M1). The green LED on the bottom left  switch (Panel Meter switch) will turn on to confirm that MB-1 has entered the bootloader and is ready to load new firmware.
  4. Execute the TeraTerm macro contained included in the download. This is done from the TeraTerm Control -> Macro menu. Browse to the folder where you unzipped the firmware download. Double click on the macro file (mb1.ttl). Once the macro starts to execute, it will give you the option to "Load New Firmware?".  Select YES to proceed, NO to abort.
  5. The process takes about 5 minutes. The green LED on the Bottom Left switch will flash continuously while the new firmware is being flashed to indicate that the operation is proceeding. The macro will report when the process has finished, and the new software will start to run immediately on MB-1 after the upgrade is complete. It is recommended that you do not switch between programs on your PC while the bootloader is running.

MB-1 Firmware Updates:

Version 1.00   (version shipped with meter)

Beta version for Multi-Coupler Display Feature (currently not available)

EEPROM Backup/Restore Utility

EEPROM in the MB-1 is divided into two sections: User Data and OEM coupler preset tables. Any configuration changes you make, including calibration of any of the four couplers and five panel meters (max) are stored in the User Data section of EEProm data. This is the data that you need to back up so that you can easily restores your settings should the need arise. There is a separate utility that updates the OEM coupler preset tables. This is covered later. 

The utilities for backing up and restoring the User Data section of EEProm data are:

  •  mb1_backup.ttl – Performs the EEPROM backup, saving the User Data section of EEProm to a PC file.
  •  mb1_restore.ttl – Performs the EEPROM restore operation from the PC file created above.

You will use TeraTerm for this procedure as well. Therefore, TeraTerm must be set up as described above before you can run the EEProm Backup/Restore utilities. The Backup and Restore procedures are described fully in the  User's Manual.

If you restore your system by doing an EEProm restore, you must power cycle the meter after the restore operation is complete to ensure that the restored settings get loaded into working memory.


EEPROM OEM Coupler Update Utility

The OEM coupler preset section of EEPROM is preloaded from the factory with the calibration settings for the MB-HF1 coupler. We hope to add the calibration tables for other popular couplers in the future. When calibrating a supported OEM coupler, selecting the preloaded OEM calibration table simplifies setup considerably since you only need to enter the OEM code during the calibration procedure. This will cause the preloaded calibration table for that OEM code to be copied into the coupler port you are calibrating.

You do not need to backup this OEM table data since it does not change under user control. However, as MeterBuilder issues updates to these coupler calibration tables (for example, to support additional couplers or to improve calibration settings of a currently supported coupler), you can use the OEM update utility with an updated file that can be obtained from the MeterBuilder website to update your MB-1 with the latest OEM calibration tables.

Of course, you do not have to use this OEM table feature at all when calibrating your own couplers. You always have the option to do a full custom calibration on any Bruene type coupler including those supported in the OEM tables. And if you have an accurate calibration reference, this will provide the best accuracy.

Updating the OEM data section of EEProm requires no firmware updates, nor does it modify your existing meter settings, coupler calibration settings, or panel meter calibration settings (i.e., nothing is modified in the User Data section of EEProm data when updating the OEM tables).

The TeraTerm utility that updates the OEM section of EEProm is:

The data file that contains the latest OEM Coupler calibration tables is:

The OEM Table Update procedure is described fully in the  User's Manual. An overview is given in the example below. Currently, there are no updates to this data.

Example: Updating the MB-HF1 Coupler Calibration Table

  1. Update the OEM section of EEPROM by using the mb1_oem_update.ttl Coupler Update Utility described above.
  2. Enter the calibration setup routine for the coupler number (1 - 4) that contains the current MB-HF1 calibration table.
  3. When asked "Erase Old Settings", answer YES.
  4. When asked if the coupler being calibrated is an OEM coupler, answer YES.
  5. When asked to specify the OEM code, enter 1 (which is the OEM code for the MB-HF1 coupler).
  6. Save the settings.

Generic Meter Application Downloads

MS Word Grey Scale Used in Reflectance Sensor Example