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RF Ammeters

Notes on RF Ammeters  from W1TAG
Construction Tips for an RF Ammeter Sensor - 1  from VK5ZVS
Construction Tips for an RF Ammeter Sensor - 2  from W8JI

SWR Information      

A Description of Bruene Directional Couplers  by ZL1AN
On-Line SWR Calculator  from KG6JOZ
On-Line Return Loss Calculator  from N9ZIA

Analog Meter Movements and Measurement Techniques


Galvanometer - Wikipedia article - The basis for analog meter movements


DC Metering Circuits
Making Precision Low Voltage and Low Resistance Measurements  from Keithley
Low Level Measurements Handbook  from Keithley

Some Analog Sensors that can be used with MB-1

Sensors from Sparkfun
Sensors from Pololu
Sensors from Adafruit
Sensors from Parallax
Sensors from Phidgets
Sensors from RobotShop
Sensors from Active Robots

Information on Analog Sensors

Good Overview on Interfacing to Sensors and Transducers
from Prof. A Mason, Michigan State University
(requires MS PowerPoint)
Good Overview on How Analog Sensors Work
from The University of Western Ontario
Texas Instruments - Handbook of Operational Amplifier Applications
Texas Instruments - Application Notes on using Instrumentation Amplifiers

Sources for Analog Meters

eBay searches for Analog Meters 
eBay searches for Digital Panel Meters

Data Sheets - External Display Modules included with Expansion Kit

1.5 Inch 7 Segment Display vers. 1.0 (type A device)

1.5 Inch 7 Segment Display vers. 1.2 (type C device)

40 Segment LED Bargraph Display Board 

Data Sheets - External Display Modules Supported with the Large Ext 7-Segment Display Option

1.8 Inch 7 Segment Display
2.3 Inch 7 Segment Display
4 Inch 7 Segment Display
7 Inch 7 Segment Display

SURE Electronics   Search for "7-segment"

Web Store
eBay Store      

(MeterBuilder is not associated with SURE Electronics.)


Can't Build the Kit Yourself?

Elecraft has compiled a list of hams who specialize in building kits for those who cannot build a kit themselves. Some of the hams on this list specialize in Elecraft kits, but some will build any kit.  Please note - if you make arrangements with a builder on the list to build your kit, your agreement for assembling the meter is with the builder and not with MeterBuilder.

Thanks to Elecraft for sharing this list with us.

Elecraft Kit Builders List

Flexible Software for Designing Custom Meter Scales for virtually any Analog Meter

Tonne Software - W4ENE